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Rules and Regulations

1. All the pupils must be in the school before 9.15a.m.
2. Pupils must keep their class clean by putting waste papers in the bins provided for this purpose.
3. Pupils should take special care to maintain the school premises neat and clean and not to damage the school property.
4. Running about or shouting in the school premises is not permitted.
5. Every pupil is expected to be courteous, polite and well behaved.
6. Pupils should constantly practice conversing in English in the school premises.
7. Pupils should bring the required text books, exercise books and other school materials regularly.
8. Pupils should not bring such books, pictures, periodicals to the school which are not approved by the school authorities.
9. Pupils should not wear costly ornaments or bring heavy cash and mobile phone with them to the school.
10. Pupils should show due respect and courteous to all the school staff – members.
11. Any unruly behavior like beating, quarreling, teasing and shouting will be viewed seriously. Parents will be informed about the conduct of their children. They are requested to take care against such undesirable behavior.
12. Pupils must participate in all the cultural and the other education activities conducted by the school from time to time.
13. Prescribed school uniform should be worn on all the days of the week by students. Primary boys shall wear maroon shorts and white maroon checks shirts and the primary girls, white blouse and white maroon checks skirts. High school boys shall wear maroon pants and maroon white checks shirt and high school girls shall wear maroon pants, white maroon checked kameez and maroon coloured salwar and shawl.
14. Girls from 5th to 10th std should tie their hair in 2 plaits and tie them back with white ribbons. Pupils should not meet or talk to strangers, should not accept any thing from them. They should intimate teacher immediately about suspicious characters entering the school campus.