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Scout / Guide

“Service is giving up your own pleasure or convenience to lend a hand to others who need it”

To serve the mankind Badan Powel has introduced Scouting . Guiding is one movement which was born not by an external agency, but by the guides themselves. As a guide the best way in which we can serve uor country is to grow up into a healthy, happy and useful citizen and to be always prepared for any service that you may be called up on to render.

Our life should be dedicated to the service of the others and the betterment of the conditions of the people around us.

We should learn to live in a friendly manner with all those who may be with you from any part of the country irrespective of their faith, language, attire, background. We must feel proud of our heritage. We must pledge ourselves to be a worthy Indian.

“ Guiding is not a dull darkness. But it is a twinkling star”

A Guide is one who possesses the qualities of leadership, patriotism and truthfulness.

A Guide is adventurous in her attitudes, activities and progressive in her efforts. She is punctual and ambitious work. She determines to be trusty, loyal, helpful, sisterly, courteous, kind, obedient, smiling and thirty.

To prove this our school runs Niveditha Guides Company.

Two units in this company. It is Guided by the following guide, Captain.

Guide Captain:
Anuradha. A   – Advance
Ashalatha     – Basic
Neethitha Rai – Basic

Scout Master:
Rajkumar  – Advance
Ram Naik  – Basic
Chennappa – Basic